Be a Hero

Jesus didn’t come to earth so we could live a perfect story. Jesus came to earth so we could live a better story. A story not limited by past failures or paralyzed by the unknowns of the future. A story deeply rooted in forgiveness, redemption and grace.

Phase 2, as the building project is known, is a center of hope and transformation for the next generation. It’s a place where children and youth can connect to Jesus and unite with each other. The new space will double our footprint, adding an additional 36,000 square feet on three levels.

We invite you to join us as we move closer to the vision the Lord has given us.

Progress 89%

Given as of March 30, 2017: $14,300,000

$1,700,000 until we reach the goal

Phase 2

Improve Adult to Kid Ratio

A Better Story will give us space to create more small group rooms for children, lowering our adult to kid ratios and reaching more children with the good news of Jesus.  

Security for Families

This new space will also increase security measures with a single entry point for families and provide additional space to accommodate children with learning/spatial challenges.  

Engage More Students

A new 200-seat auditorium will allow students to invite more of their friends to experience passionate worship and life-transforming teaching. The auditorium will also provide overflow space for our weekend worship services. 

We believe God is using this church to write a better story in the lives of people in our community.