Be a Hero

Because we are a worshipping body of Jesus followers that believe in shaping the next generation according to the Gospel, we have set an audacious goal to change the trajectory of the next generation. The reason that Phase 2 is becoming a reality is because we are fortunate enough to be a part of a community that cares to invest in people and to see them raised to and abundant life with Christ.

Phase 2 in the life of our church is more than brick and mortar. It is a center of hope and transformation for the next generation. It creates larger and more engaging environments where children and students connect to Jesus and unite with each other. We celebrate what God is doing and invite you to join in as we write a better story for the next generation. This new space will double our footprint, adding an additional 36,000 square feet on three levels.

To finish and furnish this project, we need $1.7 million, which translates to roughly $50 per square foot. Be a hero for our next generation and help us finish this project! You can purchase square footage today to get the doors opened soon!

We have raised:

Be a Hero Progress


1.7 million

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Be a Hero?

Be a Hero is the final campaign as part of a larger capital campaign that we have often referred to as Phase 2 in the life of Fairfax Community Church. The purpose of this campaign is to completely close out a project aimed at dedicating an entire new space for children and students ages 0-17. We have called this campaign Be a Hero because we know that without our FCC family none of this would be possible and we are calling on you – our circle of generous Kingdom investors – to be a hero for the next generation of Jesus followers.

What will we have that we didn’t have before?

Being aware to the uniqueness of each child in our ministry, we will have 2 sensory rooms for the first time in the life of our church. These sensory breakout rooms will be equipped to better minister to children and students with special needs while their parents attend one of our worship services.

In addition to all the space that we need to operate our children and students’ ministries, every single age group will have their own worship area. We believe that worship is at the center of everything that we do as Jesus followers and we want to instill active worship in the hearts of the youngest of these. Our 2 year-old walkers will have a dedicated worship room just for them as well as our 1st-2nd graders, 3rd-4th graders, 5th-6th graders, junior highers and senior highers.

How big is it?

The new space will double the square footage of Fairfax Community Church by allocating 36,000 square feet for children, students and youth and can host more than 1,000 young worshippers on any given weekend.

Ways to Give


Give online using a debit card, credit card or electronic check.


Text PHASE2 and the dollar amount to 77977 (example: PHASE2 50)