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The process of planning a funeral or memorial service for a loved one can be an emotional and confusing time. At Fairfax Church we want to help and guide you in the planning of a service that will be both a meaningful tribute for your loved one, and a comfort to family and friends.

A well thought-out service is not only a final goodbye, but also the start of a healing process for those who will attend. We pray that the journey through grief and the process of healing and reconciliation will bring renewed faith in Jesus Christ.

Is Fairfax Church able to host my loved one’s funeral?

If Fairfax is your church home, or has been the church home of your loved one, a member of our Community Care Team and the presiding pastor will meet with you to assist in planning the service. Your individual family circumstances will help in deciding if the funeral or memorial service will be held at the church or at a local funeral home.

In either case, the pastor will be available to be present at the interment following the service. Funeral and memorial services may be held at the church building (located at 11451 Braddock Road in Fairfax) on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, as well as some Saturday mornings. Availability depends on that week’s church calendar. We are not able to host services for those who are not connected to Fairfax.

Information Needed:

Below is a list of information that you will need to provide as we start the planning process for your loved one’s service. You’ll want to have this information when you click the “Memorial Service” button (upper right) to start the process.

  • Full name of the primary contact person of the deceased
  • Address, phone number, and email address of the primary contact
  • Date of birth and death of the deceased
  • Funeral home name and address
  • Funeral director’s name and phone number
  • Number of guests expected
  • Pastor requested
  • Place of interment
  • Reception following service
  • Names of pallbearers

What can be included in my loved one’s service?

Some of the things that can be included in your loved one’s service to make it more personal may include:

  • Readings of scripture or a favorite poem read by a family member,
  • brief words of remembrance spoken by a family member or close friend, or
  • hymns or other appropriate music that is meaningful.

If you wish to have a slide show of photographs depicting your loved one’s life you will need to provide files to the staff member assisting you with planning at least two days prior to the service.

What can Fairfax Church assist with for the service?

Worship Folder

We’re happy to provide a worship folder for family and friends to have as a remembrance of your loved one. This is a single-fold ivory paper that usually has a photograph of the deceased on the front page along with his or her full name and dates of birth and death. The inside and the back of the folder can include the order of worship for the service and a short biography of your loved one, as well as names of surviving family, pall bearers names, a short poem, note of thanks and/or an invitation to a reception following the service.

Floral Arrangement Delivery

Floral arrangements frequently include a spray for the casket and sometimes an arrangement for either side of the casket. If you wish to order these, you can do so by contacting any local florist. Some friends and family may also want to order flowers to be delivered to the church. These deliveries can be made to Fairfax up until 5:00pm the weekday afternoon prior to the service or as early as 9:00am the morning of the service. Many families opt to request that donations be made to a favorite charity organization in remembrance of their loved one, in lieu of flowers being sent.

Does Fairfax Church coordinate with funeral homes?

The staff member assisting you with planning will work with your selected funeral home to coordinate times and logistics as necessary. Some people choose to have the deceased’s body present in open casket for viewing just prior to the funeral/memorial service while others prefer to have the casket closed. Those who have chosen cremation may wish to have the urn placed on a table with a photograph of the deceased.

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