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March 13, 2020

We need YOU!

Good morning! We want to address the email that Rod sent to our congregation last evening about the decisions the church is taking over the next two weeks to love our neighbor well and your important role at Fairfax. We…
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February 1, 2020

It Matters

Friday night dinners at General Eisenhower’s House, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The home was built in 1909 and the General moved in 1941 with his wife, Mamie and their four young children. We moved into that same house in 1989…
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January 25, 2020

I am praying for you!

There are days…sometimes weeks when things are hard and feel impossible. I’ve been feeling like that lately. Stuff I thought was settled long ago returned, bringing an unsettledness to my soul. It feels like a heavyweight and a huge distraction that…
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January 3, 2020

Alpha at Fairfax

A Note From Alex: I have a confession to make.  I only invited one neighbor to our Christmas Eve Services this year. I know that some of my neighbors attend other churches, and others are at a place where they aren’t…