I Kings - When It All Falls Apart

Thursdays from 7:30 to 9:00pm on Zoom and in person beginning January 20, 2022

Israel. The nation God chose and set apart to be His light to the world.  The people of the promises and the covenant. His beloved.

How could they not recognize the blessings God so generously poured out on them?
How could they possibly be distracted by idols and tempted to worship at any altar other than God’s?  What better circumstance could they crave than to be chosen by the Lord God Almighty? What could cause them to rebel, and painfully, what are the consequences for that rebellion?

The repercussions of rebellion against God are often the natural consequences of choosing to find security, value and worth anywhere else.  That truth is reflected in I Kings, where Israel refuses to serve God only, and the nation falls apart.

Was it a final defeat? Not even close. 

1,000 years before Jesus was born, the nation of Israel was learning a truth we are still learning today.  God never admits defeat, because nothing can defeat Him.  He has always been and will always be the Lord God Almighty. When things look as if they’re falling apart, we can trust that God is still at work carrying out His purposes and His plans.  He redeems the failures that we bring to Him.  He restores those who’ve fallen, even as we face the consequences of those failures.

In our study I Kings, we’ll see that when it all falls apart, God is still working out His plan to put the pieces back together.  The class will be in a hybrid format this semester.