Day of the Week: Wednesdays

Time: 6am

God could and would, if He were sought.

Wednesdays 6am

This group is for women in recovery from addiction. We’re starting by forming a women’s morning meditation group and will be looking at an evening recovery group in the future.

Miracle Morning Women’s Meditation (MMWM) is a weekly guided meditation for women following a 12 Step program of recovery. Meditation is a key component to sobriety and spiritual health. A reading of reflection, combined with quiet meditation and prayer allows us to quiet our minds and “improve our conscious contact with God”. This group meets every Wednesday at 6am using Zoom.

For more information, or to get the link, please contact Emily at or 703-745-1030.


The evening group will be a Christ-centered 12-Step Group dealing with addiction (alcohol, drugs, etc.). During the group sharing time we discuss our victory, strength and hope. Participants learn to employ practical tools for life change based on AA’s Big Book, The Twelve and Twelve, and other Christ-centered 12-Steps, Biblical truths and a community in Christ.

Contact Emily at or 703-745-1030 if you’re interested in joining.