Love Your Neighbor Projects

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Fairfax Resource Center

The Resource Center supports professionals and others in the community assisting families by providing short-term resources until those families can be connected to sustainable assistance. Together, we can share in the burden of expense and make resources more easily accessible.

Stock the Center

Our list of needed items constantly changes as we continue to meet needs and maintain the supply in our resource center. The 3 main supply bags we provide are food bags, kitchen essential bags, and cleaning supply bags.

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Organize the Resources

We need help each week to keep our Resource Center running! There are always tasks to do – stocking items, making essential bags, bundling diapers, and much more. Simply join on the date you are available and meet us in the lobby at that date and time.

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ESOL Tutoring

TIPS (Truro International Programs & Services) has served as a “Bridge to the International Community” for more than 35 years. Volunteers are needed to assist teachers in virtual English language learning. TIPS has been able to serve students not only in close proximity to Fairfax County, but all over the world. This is a fantastic way to welcome refugees and international guests and help them practice their English skills!

Volunteer Tutors

Volunteers are needed to assist teachers in virtual English language learning. Classes are held virtually Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Monday and Wednesday evenings. Volunteers are welcome to volunteer once a week or more!

As a teacher assistant, there is no prep work for you to complete. You simply show up to the class then work with students in groups on the class assignment the teacher has given them through conversational learning.

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Assist Pregnancy Center

Besides personalized medical services, Assist offers encouragement, education, and counseling support to empower women and men with resources and hope during an unplanned pregnancy. Assist provides all services at no cost.

Baby Shower Baskets

This project helps shower expecting parents with baby items to prepare for their new families! Volunteers shop for, create, and wrap baby shower baskets filled with new gifts. All baskets include at least 5 new baby outfits, and other suggested items might include rattles, books, blankets, basket included. Have fun with this and be as creative as you want to be!

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The Lamb Center

The Lamb Center is a daytime drop-in center serving those experiencing homelessness. They provide meals, access to shower, and laundry, social, and medical services. Fairfax Church has been serving breakfast to Lamb Center guests for the past 10+ years on the second Saturday of each month.

Providing Breakfasts

We need two volunteers to make 25 breakfast meals each to serve to guests. Meals include a breakfast sandwich, fruit and water or juice. So in preparing the meals please put all 25 breakfast sandwiches together, 25 fruits together, and 25 water or juices together. The Lamb Center will sort and serve to individuals separately.

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Third Serve

New Hope Fellowship is a Christian faith ministry partnering with the poor and homeless in Fairfax. Volunteers prepare, serve, and worship alongside New Hope Fellowship on the third Sunday of each month.

Third Serve Lunch

We need two volunteers to make 25 lunch-to-go-bags. Suggested meal bags include a sandwich, to-go fruit, chips/cookie, and water.

Lunch-to-go-Bags need to be delivered to the Lamb Center parking lot by 10:15am on the day in which you sign up to serve. New Hope pastors will pick up the bags there and deliver them to their congregants.

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Fairfax FISH

Fairfax FISH volunteers work directly with the Fairfax County office of coordinated services and pastors from member churches by responding to requests for life’s necessities: food, clothing, financial assistance, mortgage, utility bills, gasoline, and prescriptions.

Volunteer Drivers

Once a month, Fairfax Church takes a week to be the on-call church to deliver groceries to those in need in the county. Volunteers can sign up for a specific time slot Monday-Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm to make deliveries.

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Weekend Food Packs

Individuals and families who are homeless, low income, unstably housed, and at-risk of homelessness in Fairfax County face significant challenges and have fewer ways to protect themselves from the pandemic. Weekend Food Packs are a great resource for some of Fairfax County’s more marginalized communities.

Food Packing

We need volunteers to make 25 Food Packs and drop off at the church. Weekend Food Packs supplement county programs for families facing food insecurity, food distributions in local neighborhoods and group homes, and teams of staff and volunteers checking on neighbors experiencing homelessness.

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Donation Deliveries

Often times we find we need drivers to transport needed supplies and donations we have collected to organizations we work with in the area. Times and needs range depending on the details of ongoing projects.

On-Call Drivers

We need drivers who are available to transport supplies & donations we have collected to organizations we work with in the area. Times and needs range depending on the details of ongoing projects. If you have a semi-flexible schedule and would be willing for us to call you when a need arises, join below.

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Grocery Bag Donations

Do you have grocery bags lying around your house? Give them to us to use at our Thursday Distribution events to help hand out groceries to those in need. This is a great way to recycle those plastic bags!

Donate Used Bags

Simply gather plastic grocery bags and drop them off at our church in our red Love Your Neighbor bins Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, or during any of our weekend services.

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Willing Warriors

Willing Warriors Retreat provides a cost-free getaway where wounded, ill, and injured service members, disabled veterans, and their families can relax and spend quality time together. On September 11, Fairfax is providing volunteers for the Willing Warriors bike ride fundraising event through the beautiful rural crescent area of Broad Run, Haymarket, Aldie, and Middleburg.

Bike Route Volunteers

We need teams of volunteers to set up and staff select event stations, cheer on bike riders, and clean up when the race is done. There will be three stations along the bike route. We are looking for a minimum of 4 volunteers per station. There will be wash stations and medical crew at each station along with Fairfax volunteers to pass out water, snacks, and cheer on the riders. This is a great event to volunteer together as a family, small group or with a friend!

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Food Distribution

During the pandemic, Fairfax Church served alongside a local group of residents organizing a food distribution in their Annandale neighborhood. On the first, second, and third Thursdays of each month, volunteers provide tables, bags, and volunteers to the food distribution site in Annandale.

Thursday Distributions

Thursday Food Distributions are outdoors. Volunteers will be lifting and moving tables, food bags and other items. If you are interested in participating with these committed volunteers and residents, join a project date you can attend and we will be in contact with you with details.

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