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Love Your Neighbor Projects

Join a project and make an impact in your community

Serving with the Resource Center

The Resource Center supports professionals and others in the community assisting families by providing short-term resources until those families can be connected to sustainable assistance. Together, we can share in the burden of expense and make resources more easily accessible.

We need help each week to keep our Resource Center running! There are always tasks to do – stocking items, making essential bags, bundling diapers, and much more. Simply join on the date you are available and meet us in the lobby at that date and time.

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Perishables for our Resource Center

Each week our Resource Center gives out Essential Perishable Bags to fulfill requests for families in need. These bags contain basic perishable essential items: Milk, Bread, Eggs, and a Bag of Fruit (Apples/Oranges).

Food Donations

If you can provide an Essential Bag of Perishables, just join the project below and select the Sunday you can bring your bag in. Then shop for the items listed above and drop off the bag at our Resource Center or church lobby on that date.

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Weekend Food Packs

Weekend Food Packs are provided to individuals and families who are homeless, low income, unstably housed, and at-risk of homelessness in Fairfax County. They are used as supplements to other programs helping families when they run out of food, at food distributions in local neighborhoods and group homes, as well as resourcing the team of staff and volunteers who check on our neighbors.

Weekend Power Bags

Make 25 Weekend Power Bags and drop off at the church during a Sunday service. If you prefer to drop off during the week, contact Brooke Luther at to make arrangements.

Each bag needs 2 breakfast items, 2 lunch items, 2 snack items, 2 dinner items, and 2 drink items…all in one gallon sized zip lock bag. It fits, don’t worry…figuring it out is the fun part!

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40-Day Fill Up

The Resource Center exists to serve professionals meeting immediate needs of vulnerable children and their families in Fairfax County. Since its inception in 2021, we have supplied food, hygiene items, diapers, household essentials, kitchen essentials and clothing to hundreds of families in the area!

It is time to stock our shelves again so we can continue providing these life-giving services to children and families in need.

Needed Items

Join the project in one of three areas below – donating needed items, donating to our clothing drive, or signing up for a time slot to sort and organize donations in our Resource Center!

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Deliver Food to Afghan Families

Hundreds of Afghan refugee families have begun the process of resettlement here in the DC area over the last few months. We have been helping to care for Afghan families through our Resource Center and through network connections in our area.

We are taking part in a monthly food delivery distribution the first Saturday of each month. Our Resource Center will provide the food and essential items. But we need volunteers to help deliver these boxes to families!


Delivery Team

To help, we would need you to come to the church on the first Saturday of the month at 10:00am to pick up the boxes. We will give you a list of 2-5 addresses to delivery to in the Fairfax area (number depends on requests and volunteers). We need two people per delivery. So this is a great project to do with a buddy! You make the deliveries and are done.

Because we are partnering with Lutheran Social Services for this project, a background check and brief video training is required. We will communicate all those details to you when you sign up.

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Third Thursday Food Distribution

Each week our outreach team serves alongside a local group of residents distributing food to those in need in their Annandale neighborhood. We’d love to have you join us on the Third Thursday of the month!

Distribution Team

We need people who want to meet and help our friends in the Comunidad Trabajadora of Annandale and one of the best ways to get started is by joining us at the Thursday Food distribution site. On Third Thursday, you will help set up tables, offload the truck, and do whatever the community organizers need from us with the food distribution. Some opportunities may include helping in the children’s corner or handing out coffee.

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Third Serve Lunch

New Hope Fellowship is a Christian faith ministry partnering with the poor and homeless in Fairfax. In 2016, Fairfax Church started the Third Serve ministry of volunteers who prepare, serve, and worship alongside New Hope Fellowship on the third Sunday of each month. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, 50 lunch-to-go-bags are now being provided to the Pastors of New Hope Fellowship to serve their congregation of about 50 people.

Lunch Volunteers

We need 2 volunteers to make 25 lunch-to-go-bags. Suggested meal bags include a sandwich, to-go fruit, chips/cookie, and water.

Lunch-to-go-Bags need to be delivered to the Lamb Center parking lot by 10:15am on the day in which you sign up to serve. New Hope pastors will pick up the bags there and deliver them to their homeless congregants.

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Burke Lake Picnic Party

Our Resource Center helps to support the work of the Fairfax Department of Family Services – Children and Families. DFS provides supports and services to children at risk of abuse or neglect, and who many need additional support. Each month they facilitate a fun activity for mentors to spend time with their mentee children and build strong relationships.

Childcare Volunteers

And while teen moms are experiencing camp with their leaders, childcare volunteers, like YOU, get the honor of caring for and praying over their sweet children during nursery times. How awesome is that? A whole weekend of loving babies and helping teen moms have the best weekend of their lives!

There is training provided and a background check will be done by Young Life for each volunteer.

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Lamb Center Breakfast

The Lamb Center is a daytime drop in center serving those experiencing homelessness. They provide meals, access to shower, and laundry, social, and medical services. Fairfax Church has been serving breakfast to Lamb Center guests for the past 10+ years on the second Saturday of each month. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, breakfast is now being served to 50 people with breakfast-to-go meals.

Breakfast Volunteers

We need 2 volunteers to make 25 breakfast meals each to serve to guests. Meals include a breakfast sandwich, fruit and water or juice. So in preparing the meals please put all 25 breakfast sandwiches together, 25 fruits together, and 25 water or juices together. Then the Lamb Center will sort and serve to individuals separately.

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Fairfax FISH Drivers

Fairfax Church is one of fourteen churches providing funds and volunteers to serve the needy and elderly in the greater Fairfax City area of Fairfax County. FISH volunteers work directly with the Fairfax County office of coordinated services and pastors from member churches by responding to requests for life’s necessities: food, clothing, financial assistance, mortgage, utility bills, gasoline, and prescriptions.

FISH Drivers

Once a month, Fairfax Church takes a week to be the on-call church that week to deliver groceries to those in need in the county. Volunteers can sign up for a specific time slot during that week, Monday-Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm to make deliveries.

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Plastic Bags and Egg Cartons Needed

Do you have grocery bags or egg cartons lying around your house? Give them to us to use at our Thursday Distribution events to help hand out groceries to those in need. This is a great way to recycle those bags and cartons!


Item Donation

Simply gather bags and cartons and drop them off at church in our red Love Your Neighbor bins anytime Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm or during any of our weekend services.

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YoungLives Local Mission Trip

YoungLives Spring Weekend is coming April 1-3, 2022! For one whole weekend, teen moms will get the chance to feel like a teenager again and experience camp and all the fun activities with their leaders, while also hearing messages about Jesus and the unconditional love He has for them. For many teen moms, camp is a place where they encounter Jesus and make the decision to receive Him as their Savior.

Baby Bottles

Coats can be dropped off anytime in our red bin in front of the church. Thank you!

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