Race in America

A course of study on racism and the
Black experience to cultivate anti-racists

This virtual, masters-level course begins Oct 1


Thurs 7—8:30pm
for 4 weeks


$79 per

There are few concerns of greater complexity in American society than the issue of race.

Most Americans only discern race at a surface level. They are unaware of the extent to which race has shaped and continues to shape all American institutions, including the church. This four-week course will take a deep dive into America’s racialized histories to gain awareness of how these histories continue to shape our present and our future.

Through lectures, discussions, readings, documentaries, guest speakers, and a guided project, students will become more knowledgeable of the complexities of the rage-inducing realities that people of color face daily, so that they might emerge as antiracists committed to eradicating these continuous brutalities and horrors.

About The Course Facilitator

Dr. Michael W. Waters

Michael W. Waters is founding pastor of the Abundant Life African Methodist Episcopal Church in Dallas, Texas. As pastor, professor, award-winning author, activist, and social commentator, Waters’ words of hope and empowerment inspire national and international audiences.