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Ukrainian Relief Fund

Fairfax has several Global Partners serving in the Eastern and Central European Region. There are churches currently spread throughout the Ukraine. Some are in cities invaded by Russia, where little communication is happening. The main church we are connected to in the central part of Ukraine has become a center of relief for the community. These are some of the ways this church has been able to help:

  • Helping internally displaced people as they move from east to west. Those that have lost their homes are living at the church. They feed 130-150 people every day, and care for the needs of babies and children.
  • Sending finances and goods to Okhtyrka for both civilian and military use.
  • Helping evacuate people from Kharkov, providing food and money for fuel.
  • Helping to find housing and resettle people in Western Ukraine.
  • Helping to get people to Lviv and to the borders of Poland.

We are able to route funding and provisions through some German Church of God congregations to help these churches in Ukraine. Funds will also be used to help settle refugees outside of the country through our network of local churches bordering Ukraine.


Visit our giving page and select the Ukranian Relief Fund from the drop-down menu. Every gift given will be given directly to those on the ground in Ukraine providing food, transportation, and needed resources to those in need.


Please pray for the church in Ukraine. As the war continues on, many of these pastors, leaders, and volunteers are exhausted – physically and emotionally. Pray for their safety, for strength, and for provisions to meet their daily needs. Pray for protection around their hearts and minds as they experience unthinkable tragedies around them. Pray for families that are being separated at the borders as the law keeps men from 18-60 years of age from exiting the country. The churches have expressed their deep gratitude for our prayers and support. It strengthens them to know there are many praying.
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