This February, we are embarking on a journey together as a church to establish a vibrant prayer life. Using the foundation below, we invite you to join us in following our 362 Prayer.

The 362 Prayer starts with a few key pieces:

Meditate on God’s Word

Read one chapter of God’s Word every day. The average chapter takes about 5 minutes to read.

Pray the Psalms
Starting with Psalms 1, pray one chapter of Psalms every day. The average Psalm takes about 2 minutes to pray through.

Pray Our 2020 Prayer

Every day, pray one of the five short prayers I’ve written based on the five core values of our church. You can find the prayer below. It takes about a minute to pray one of these prayers.

By starting with this simple 8-minute foundation, over the next 300 days you will have meditated on 300 chapters of God’s Word, prayed each section of our 2020 Prayer 60 times and prayed through the entire book of Psalms 2 times. That’s why we call it 362 Prayer. 

Our 2020 Prayer for Fairfax


God, you are accessible to me every moment of every day. You are not hidden. You are near. There is no distance between us. You are as close as my own breath. I do not have to search for you. You search for me. You send out armies to find me and rescue me. Help me to become more and more dependent on you for every aspect of my life. May I come to you each day with my praise, my worship, my needs, my hurts and my failures. And may your daily presence be enough.


God, you are extravagantly generous toward me. You gave your life so I could truly live. All that I have is a gift from you. I am simply a steward of that which ultimately belongs to you. May I reflect the same kind of extravagant generosity in my own life. May I hold on loosely to all you entrust to my care. May I generously share the talents and passions and resources you have given me with others. May I grow in the grace of giving. And may I walk in your abundance and release your miraculous provision in my own life.


God, you extend a gracious invitation for all to come to the table and break bread with you. None are excluded. All are welcome. Your invitation knows no boundaries. All are chosen. All are predestined to receive your love and forgiveness. May I remain daily in the yes position to all that you invite me to experience. May my heart remain open to your calling. May I look for opportunities to invite others into life-transforming community. And may I never grow weary or disillusioned when my invitations are ignored or rejected. May I show the same kind of relentless love for others as you have shown toward me.


God, you nurture me like a loving mother and loving father nurture their child. You walk beside me and train me in your righteous ways. You have given me your Word to light my way and guide my steps. You have given me your Spirit to provide wise counsel in the midst of the complexities of life. May I walk with others in their journey of faith. May I willingly share whatever insights I have received along the way with those who who are open to my counsel. And may I be quick to listen to the wisdom of both young and old as I continue to grow in my own faith.


God, you entered into this world not to be served but to serve. You did not run from the messiness of life. You ran toward it. Each step you took was marked by compassion and mercy. You saw people who were broken and you made them whole again. You saw people who were lost and you rescued them. May I take up the towel and basin and live a life of service. May I see you in the broken and the hurting. As I serve others, may I be reminded that I am serving you. And may I love my neighbor with such selflessness and authenticity that ultimately they are drawn not to me but to you.