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The Advisory Council at Fairfax Church

The Advisory Council of the Church serves as the Board of Directors of Fairfax Church. Both the property and business of Fairfax Church is managed under the governance of the Advisory Council.

What is the makeup of the Advisory Council?

The Advisory Council can range in number from 5-8 members, including the President, who serves as an ex-officio member. Of the seven members who are not the President, five are appointed from the lay constituency of Fairfax Church, and two are appointed from outside of the church. The two members chosen from outside of the church must be recognized leaders in the Church of God, Anderson, Indiana.

The officers of Fairfax Church are the President (Senior Pastor), the Secretary, and the Treasurer, and are each appointed by the Advisory Council. The President serves on the Advisory Council in an ex officio capacity, while the Secretary and Treasurer do not serve on the Council.

What are the duties of the members?

  • Provide counsel to the President to insure that Fairfax Church is effectively accomplishing its stated purpose.
  • Approve the annual budget of Fairfax Church.
  • Approve all long-term debt assumed by Fairfax Church.
  • Ensure that an examination of Fairfax Church’s financial records is completed at least annually by an independent accounting firm.
  • Advise the Senior Pastor concerning processes for reconciliation, restoration and, if needed, discipline in the event that the pastoral staff, support staff, ministry leaders or any member of the church is unfaithful to the trust they have been given.
  • In the event that the Senior Pastor dies, resigns, or is removed from office, the Advisory Council is responsible for appointing a new Senior Pastor by a unanimous vote of all Advisory Council members then in office.
  • Approve the commissioning, licensing and/or ordaining of ministry staff in accordance with recommended guidelines approved by the Advisory Council.

If you have any questions concerning the function of our Advisory Council or our church bylaws, you may contact the Secretary of the Advisory Council, Valerie Nolan at

What terms do council members serve?

Council members are appointed by the Advisory Council for a term of three (3) years, or until their successors are appointed and qualify in their stead. Members must subscribe to the Statement of Faith of Fairfax Church and be a confessing Christian who reflect a life of holiness and manifest the fruits of the Spirit. Advisory Council members do not receive any compensation for their services.

The Advisory Council convenes four times per year for business meetings. Three of these meetings are in-person at the church and one meeting is held online.



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