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Fairfax Church believes that marriage is the holy union of a man and a woman in which the couple commits to building a loving, faithful, Christ-centered relationship that will last a lifetime.

Many couples spend hours and hours planning their wedding but fail to make that same time investment in planning their married life together. We encourage you as a couple to take advantage of this time to prepare for marriage. We pray that during these weeks and months of preparation and planning, you will enjoy what God is doing in your relationship, as you learn to serve each other and glorify God.

If you are interested in being married by a Fairfax pastor, please email

Pre-Maritial Counseling

Looking Toward Marriage

A class designed for those seriously considering marriage, as well as, those couples already engaged or even couples married less than a year.



Your Big Day
With Us

Your wedding ceremony should be planned with care. Learn more about pastor availability, deadlines, costs and how we can help you plan your big day!


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