Your wedding ceremony should be planned with care.

We consider weddings to be a worship service – a time to celebrate and affirm your love for each other, as well as a time to give thanks to God for all of His gifts. Marriage is meant to reflect the relationship Christ has with His Church. We believe that when marriage is fashioned after God’s loving design it blesses not only the couple and the family they create but also the church and community as a whole, bringing glory to God.

Premarital Counseling

The Looking Toward Marriage course is designed for engaged couples, those considering marriage, and those that have been married for less than one year.
The class is required of all couples being married by one of our pastors, and should be completed at least three months prior to the wedding date.

Topics covered include spiritual growth in marriage, communication and conflict resolution styles, finances, roles and expectation, and intimacy.

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Sexual Purity Covenant

Fairfax Community Church and its pastors urge you to pursue and preserve sexual purity before marriage, and require all couples to sign a Sexual Purity Covenant.

The Bible calls us to reserve sexual intimacy until vows of commitment have been made establishing the bond of marriage. This lays the proper foundation and security for a stable marriage relationship. The physical intimacy of sexual expression is God-designed and beautiful. We encourage you to talk over the issues you have related to sexual purity with one of our pastors.

Pastor Availability

Because of the different pastor’s individual schedules we may not be able to accommodate your request. We cannot confirm a specific pastor’s availability until three months prior to the wedding date. Our pastors are available to perform wedding ceremonies in, or nearby, the Northern Virginia area.

Pastors are unavailable to officiate on Thanksgiving holiday weekend (Thursday-Sunday), and during the Christmas and New Year holiday time (Dec. 24 - Jan.1). Pastor Rod Stafford is unable to perform weddings on Saturday or Sunday, due to weekend worship service schedule.


Each state has its own requirements relating to marriage licenses. In Virginia, the clerk or the deputy clerk of any circuit court in any county or city in the Commonwealth issues a license for marriage. Both parties must appear before the Clerk to obtain a license. The ceremony may be performed anywhere in Virginia within 60 days of the date that the license is obtained. Contact any circuit court, or check on-line for detailed information about obtaining your license. Requirements in other states or the District of Columbia can also be found online.

Your license should be given to the Officiating Pastor or Wedding Advisor at your wedding rehearsal.


Looking Towards Marriage Class: $70
Pastor’s Honorarium: $300 ($350 if ceremony is more than 15 miles from FCC)
Use of Facility: $200
Wedding advisor: $125
Audio-Visual Technician: $160 minimum
($40 per hour, with a 4-hour minimum, including both the wedding and rehearsal)

Additional fees may be charged if the building is not vacated within 90 minutes of the end of the wedding ceremony.
Additional fees may also be incurred if there is any damage, or if decorations are not properly removed.


See below for links to all required forms.

Wedding Request FormFacility Reservation

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12-3 Months Prior to Your Wedding

6 Months Prior to Your Wedding

  • Reserve the Great Room and any other rooms needed from your wedding (Bride’s room, Groom’s room, Photographer’s room, etc.)
  • $200 deposit due

3 Months Prior to Your Wedding

  • Your Officiating Pastor will be identified
  • Your Wedding Advisor will be identified
  • Arrange to meet with your pastor to begin ceremony conversations

2 Months Prior to Your Wedding

  • Meet with your Wedding Advisor to discuss details of the set up for your wedding. This includes any decoration ideas or concerns.*

*Only applies to couples having their ceremony at FCC.

1 Month Prior to Your Wedding

  • Meet with your officiating pastor to finalize ceremony details
  • Inform your photographer/videographer of the policies regarding photography and videography during your ceremony
  • Your Audio-Visual Technician will be identified

2 Weeks Prior to Your Wedding

  • Pay all remaining fees for your wedding ceremony
  • Submit a CD/DVD with all song lyrics, images, music, etc. to your Wedding Advisor
  • Submit a printed, detailed order of service to your Wedding Advisor. This should include all sound needs, including microphones, screens, and set-up requirements for instruments. Include arrival times for bride groom, attendants, photographers, and any vendors.*
  • Submit a schedule of photography to your Wedding Advisor.*

*Applies only to couples having their ceremony at FCC.

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