Interested in having your wedding at Fairfax?

If one of our pastors is officiating your wedding, you have the option of having your wedding ceremony in the Great Room if the space is available.
We acknowledge the costs associated with many weddings, and offer the Great Room space as a cost-effective alternative.


On the day of your wedding rehearsal, the Great Room will be available 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Please be sure that everyone is present at the time the rehearsal is scheduled to begin.


On your wedding day, the reserved facilities will be available to you and your vendors 3 hours prior to the scheduled start time of your wedding ceremony, but not earlier than 7AM.



Bubbles may be used outside the building. Rice, birdseed, confetti and/or other similar products may not be used.



Building Guidelines

In addition to meeting the general guidelines for weddings, there are further guidelines that need to be adhered to if you are having your wedding ceremony at Fairfax. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in additional charges being incurred by the bride and groom.


Room Reservations

Weddings customarily require the use of the Great Room for the rehearsal and ceremony. In addition, for the day of the wedding you may reserve a room for the bride and bridesmaids to dress, and a room for the groom and groomsmen to use. An additional room for the photographer and/or videographer can be arranged on request.

Nonreserved Rooms

Rooms not reserved for the wedding are not available for use during the wedding. Please expect childcare rooms to be locked. The wedding party is responsible for ensuring that people do not wander through the building, but stay in the areas that have been reserved.

Room Time Limits

The Great Room, bride’s room, groom’s room, photographer’s room, and rest room areas must be vacated within 90 minutes of the end of the wedding ceremony in order to avoid additional fees.

Damaged Property Charges

If the church or any church property is damaged, the bride and groom will be charged for the cleaning and/or repair (which shall be determined by the Facility Administrator).

Church Property

Please inform your wedding party that church property may not be moved. The only items that may be moved are items the bridal party brings into the church, such as flowers and decorations.

Personal Property

Fairfax Community Church is not responsible for the safety of your personal property.


Smoking is not permitted in any part of the facility, including restrooms. If guests smoke outside, provisions must be made for proper disposal of cigarette butts and ashes. You are responsible for providing containers for cigarette disposal.


Alcoholic drinks are not permitted anywhere on church property, including the parking lot.

To ensure the proper use of the facility and that all wedding guidelines are met, couples are required to work with a Wedding Advisor, Facilities Coordinator, and an Audio/Visual Technician.


A Wedding Advisor will be assigned to each couple having their ceremony at the church and serve to ensure proper use of the facility and to assist you in planning your rehearsal and wedding.

Your wedding advisor will:
  • Meet to answer any questions regarding the ceremony and/or decorations.
  • Be present for your rehearsal and ceremony.
  • Need to work with your wedding coordinator for details surround the wedding ceremony and decorations at the church.

The presence of one of our Facility Coordinators is required whenever our facility is in use for a rehearsal or wedding. Your facility coordinator will work in collaboration with your wedding advisor.

Your Facility Coordinator will:
  • Open the building at the appropriate time and arrange for heat/air conditioning, lighting, and moves furniture into the appropriate configuration(s).
  • Take care of any facilities issues.
  • Restore the Great Room to its original configuration after the ceremony.
  • Be responsible for preparatory cleaning as well as cleaning following ceremony.
  • The Facility Coordinator is NOT responsible for removing decorations or for picking up garbage not placed in appropriate receptacles.
  • The wedding party is responsible for clean up and removal of all decorations, flowers, and any other items that they brought into the church.

An Audio/Visual Technician is required for the use of our sound system in the Great Room. Any video display and audio requirements must be submitted to your Wedding Advisor two weeks prior to your wedding.

Your Audio/Visual Technician will:
  • Set the area with any needed equipment and be responsible for sound reinforcement of the ceremony, musicians, and vocalists.
  • Perform a sound check during the rehearsal and one hour before the ceremony. Please arrange for all musicians or members of the wedding party who should participate in the sound check to be ready and available.
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