Here at Fairfax Church, we believe everyone has a place within the body of Christ and are necessary within the fabric of the church. We recognize the essential and invaluable contribution of people with disabilities to the life of the church. Our individual ministries seek to address these lifelong needs as we strive to ensure that those individuals and families affected by disabilities are always championed in the heartbeat of our church.


Buddy Ministry

Classrooms are inclusive for children of all abilities. We have volunteers equipped to serve as one-on-one buddies to help children with disabilities participate as much as possible. If you know a child that would benefit from having a one-on-one buddy to help in worship or classroom participation, contact Marcy Davis.

Who can be a buddy? Anyone willing to love a child and help them experience the love of Christ can be a buddy. Training is available for those interested.

Sensory Room

We recognize that some students may need accommodations during their time at FCC. Our sensory room is equipped with furniture, lighting, and tools to help children with disabilities feel secure and free to be themselves. The sensory room is staffed with volunteers during all three services.


Younglife Capernaum

On Wednesday nights, we proudly host Younglife Capernaum, a local ministry for students with disabilities ages 14-22. YLC is focused on celebrating students’ diverse abilities and sharing the gospel to all God’s people. Capernaum is an inclusive environment that gives teenagers with disabilities the chance to develop friendships, challenge their limits, build self-esteem, and have outrageous fun! Contact Maison Lowery if you would like to get involved.

The Hangar

For students between 7th & 12th grade who are better suited to traditional environments, we want you to consider the Hangar as a space to worship. If you know a student with a disability please contact prior to them coming to the Hangar in order for us to best help them. We welcome all students to worship with us and will work to make their experience unique to how they learn.


Friends for Life

Friends for Life is an opportunity for adults with disabilities, 22 and older, to learn and grow into the men and women God made them to be. Friends for Life engages in fellowship with other believers, dives into scripture to grow in their faith, and serves the community together as a body of believers.

Interested in serving with Friends for Life? Email Josh Falke.

How to serve? Providing meaningful interaction through Bible Study, fellowship, and service between our adult friends with special needs and outreach volunteers.

Meets every Thursday from 7-8:30 PM

Weekend Services

Our weekend worship services are designed for all people to fully participate. Ask our greeters if you need assistance getting to your seat or any special accommodations. If necessary, there is an alternative viewing space in the Great Room or the Hangar.



Come serve with us! Everyone is called to serve in their own way, and we want to create opportunities for that to happen. Our hope is to equip people of all abilities and their families to be participants of the body of Christ