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Care at Fairfax

Have an urgent care concern? Please call us at 703-745-1041 and follow the prompts.

We’re here to walk alongside you.

Situations in life can affect the way we're able to support our own needs and care for others. Whatever you're navigating, we want to walk alongside you during this difficult time.

Care Groups

One of the best ways to serve Christ and others is to be in a healthy place spiritually and emotionally. Our care groups and classes are designed to help you navigate life’s challenges and be the person God called you to be.

Cancer Support (coed)

Wednesdays 7pm (hybrid)

Christian 12-Step (coed)

Pursuing Wholeness in Recovery
Tues 7pm (in person)

James Club (men)

Sexual Addiction Support for Men
Tuesday nights (hybrid)

Human Services Professionals Care Group (coed)

2nd Friday of each month (in person)

First Responders Couples Group (couples)

Support for couples where one is a First Responder
Thurs 7pm, Feb 8 (in person)

Couples Dealing with Infertility (couples)

Class is now FULL

Dealing with Chronic Illness (coed)

4-wks, Tues 7pm, Feb 6 (online only)

Dynamic Marriage (couples)

Class is now FULL

Caregivers Support Group (coed)

4-wks, Tues 7pm, Mar 5 (online)

Overcoming Anger (coed)

4-wks, Tues 7pm, Mar 5 (in person)

Telling Your Story (coed)

4-wks, Tues 7pm, Mar 5 (online)

Financial Planning for the Third Third of Life (coed)

3-wks, Sun 11am, March (in person)

Anxiety and Depression (coed)

4-wks, Tues 7pm, Summer (in person)

Grief and Loss (coed)

4-wks, Tues 7pm, Summer (in person)

Healing Through the Spiritual Disciplines (coed)

4-wks, Tues 7pm, Fall (in person)

Care Classes

FEB 2024

Dynamic Marriage

Transform Your Marriage: Dynamic Marriage – Real Change, Lasting Connection.

FEB 2024

Looking Toward Marriage

A course for those seriously considering marriage, engaged, or married less than a year.

Other Care Resources

Professional Christian Counseling Groups

Aid Resources in Our Community

Resources for Life's Challenges

Opportunities to Serve

Would you like to serve with the Care Team at Fairfax? We currently have openings in the following areas:

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