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Global Impact Trips

Be impacted. Make an impact.

On Global Impact Trips, our goal is to serve alongside our global partners and expose our community to God at work around the world. Our teams aim to meet very specific needs for our partners and seek to empower communities through training, resourcing and encouragement.

Below are our current global impact trip opportunities – prayerfully consider if God is leading you to apply.

Lusaka, Zambia

JAN 20-29, 2023 – $2,800 per person

Out on the beautiful African bush lies a beacon of light, Village of Hope, a community raising Zambian orphans and vulnerable children to become successful young adults, leaders, and followers of Christ. These children live in homes led by house parents caring holistically for them, seeking to create family environments. Through the School of Hope, healthcare, discipleship and training, this community is enabling young people to become economically self-sustaining Christian adults.

The team will be working in several ways:
- Environmental improvements.
- House maintenance work.
- Leading workshops on Trauma Care for houseparents and teachers.
- Special Education training for teachers.
- Playing with and loving on the beautiful children at Village of Hope!

If you have any of these skill sets or just want to love on the beautiful children at Villages of Hope, join our team!

Paris, France

COMING IN 2023 – $2,500 per person

A team of licensed professional counselors will be going to work with AtHome Ministries. AtHome is a ministry in the heart of France working with refugees and migrant workers. They are coming alongside of them in profound ways to help them find housing, acclimate to the culture, and find community together. They have even launched a weekly church service that is growing and reaching many in the community.

They have a need to equip the core team in trauma care that many of the refugees they work with are experiencing. We are sending some folks to help meet this need. If you have experience in trauma care, please consider joining us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age requirement to be considered for a global impact trip?

Depending on the trip, we allow children ages 10 and up to be considered. All minors must go through the application process and be accompanied by a parent if selected.

How are people selected for trips?

Each trip requires a different set of criteria for applicants. It is important that we place people on trips according to the needs and priorities of the partners we are serving on the ground. Specific skills and experience play highly into the process of choosing team members. Please keep in mind that we receive more applications than we have availability. Sometimes we simply don’t have enough room to take everybody who would like to go. People who attend Fairfax Church and are already connected with our local outreach teams are given first priority. It is our hope that people who are interested, but are not able to go would connect with the team in other ways such as giving financially or coming alongside as a prayer partner.

By applying, am I committing to go on the trip?

No, you are not committing by submitting your application. After the teams are selected, a team leader will contact you and confirm your commitment.

What am I committing to?

Once committed, you will have a few team meetings to help you prepare for the trip and get to know each other. Those meeting dates and times are decided based upon availability of the majority of the team and the team leader.  Once plane tickets are purchased, you are responsible to pay for your plane ticket if for any reason you are unable to go on the trip.

How do I get the money to go on the trip?

You and the rest of your team will fundraise for support from others. We have found that many people don’t have the time or ability to go on a short-term mission trip but have the desire to be involved in some way. We ask, therefore, that every person going on a trip raise his/her funds by writing letters to friends and family sharing the goal of the trip and the financial requirements to make the trip happen. We have templates and sample letters to help you. We have seen over and over again God provide the funding for dozens of global impact trip participants. It is an exciting step of faith and growth in our walk with Christ.

Please note: Money raised over the amount needed for the trip will go into the general trip fund and be used for future global impact trips. Money that is not raised prior to departing for the trip will be due in full by each individual before they can participate in the trip.  

How can someone donate to my trip?

  1. Go to and click on “Give” in the navigation bar.  
  2. Select the Trip and the Person you are donating to.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Complete the billing information and finalize your transaction.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent to you and will serve as your receipt for tax purposes.

What if I don’t have a passport?

Apply now for a passport if you don’t have one! 

After you receive your new passport number, update your application with that information. You will also need to make a copy of your passport application and/or passport and give it to your team leader at the first team meeting. As per new rules for international airline travel, we are required to obtain and send the expiration date of your passport for booking travel, so we will need that information as soon as possible. If your passport expires less than six months after your departure date, you will need to renew your passport as soon as possible. Additionally, if you have a non-U.S. passport, you are responsible for finding out if a visa is required for you to travel to a specific country.

Do I need to obtain a visa?

Depending on the country you are traveling to, you may need to obtain a visa. If you are required, your team leader and the FCC staff will help you with that process.

What happens if I am not chosen?

We will be in touch with each person that applies to let them know if they are selected. If you are not selected due to any reason, we hope to have a conversation with you and help you connect in other ways and waitlist for future trips. There are several opportunities to serve with one of our local outreach teams right here in the community and we encourage you to get involved with local outreach while waiting for the right opportunity to take a trip overseas.

Can I travel separately from the team for personal reasons?

It is strongly preferred that all members of the team travel together. For the trips to Africa, there will be an optional safari “add-on” at the end of the trip for those that would like to stay on to enjoy a local safari adventure. However, other than that we ask team members to make every effort to travel with their teams and utilize the flights/airlines we are able to purchase at the best rates for the group. If you have a unique situation you may discuss your options with your team leader.

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