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Small Groups at Fairfax Church

Fairfax Groups gather weekly for fellowship, Bible study and prayer. Whether you’re new to faith or a mature follower of Jesus, groups are designed to meet you where you are.

Fairfax Groups use a method that helps everyone learn to study and apply the Bible for themselves. Groups also strive to be an environment where you can invite others to come and see Jesus for themselves.

Group Types



Single Young Professionals



Young Couples

Empty Nesters



(Single women, moms)


(Young kids to teens)



Seasonal Groups

Friends for Life

Friends for Life is an opportunity for adults (22 and older) with disabilities to learn and grow into the men and women God made them to be. Friends for Life engages in fellowship with other believers, dives into Scripture to grow in faith, and serves the community together as a body of believers.

Interested in joining Friends for Life? Email Jarissa Craft.

Bible Class: The Gospel of Mark

In this class we’ll do a deep dive into Mark’s account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. We’ll explore questions like: How did Mark find out about Jesus? Why was he so excited? What is unique about Mark’s Gospel? and many other questions!

Sign up for Bible Class here.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

This 8-week course helps us overcome hurdles and grow deeper in our faith journeys in ways that impact the whole church body.

Interested in joining the next EHS course? Let us know here!

Our Fairfax Groups Team of leaders, coaches, hosts, content creators, and more are serving to help carry out our mission. Join us as we seek to make disciples who center their lives on being with Jesus, becoming like Jesus and living out Christ’s mission of restoration in the world.

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