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What We Believe

Our mission is to love people and see them raised to life in Christ. The ministry of Fairfax Community Church is fully supported by the tithes and offerings of its generous community of worshippers. We teach the biblical principle of the tithe (giving the first 10% of your income to the local church) and even encourage each other to demonstrate radical generosity by giving offerings over and above the tithe.

We believe that “growing in the grace of giving” is not the product of guilt or coercion. Rather, it flows from a heart that has truly been transformed by the gospel. By giving, we become a part of God’s mission to redeem and restore the world.

Fairfax Community Church practices tithing through giving away 10% of everything that is donated to the ministry. The tithes of the organization mobilize and maintain both local and global partnerships. If you have any further questions about our theology of giving please contact Chris Wagner at

How To Give

  • Smart Giving: Give on your smartphone by downloading our app (available in the App Store and Google Play) or online at
  • Traditional Giving: While attending one of our weekend services, use the offering boxes located in the back of the sanctuary. You are welcome to drop checks there and envelopes are available for cash.
  • Gift Matching: You can take advantage your employer’s donation matching program to maximize your giving.
  • Non-Cash Giving: You can donate non-cash gifts like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact or our Finance Director Chris Wagner at

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