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Book of Amos: Chapter 9

In this final chapter of Amos’ prophecy, God concludes His plan of judgment for Israel. But as He always does, He also states His future plan for His people thereby giving them hope. In the vision that Amos receives next, Yahweh is standing by an altar presumed to be the altar at Bethel where Amaziah challenged Amos. His instructions are to an unknown person. Was God speaking to the creation or the other members of the God-head? The Assyrians were not yet there. Whoever it is, they must strike the top of the temple so that it shakes at its foundations and topples on the idol worshippers there. God is clear: no one who worships idols will be spared. There is nowhere that they can hide—not the mountain top, not the ocean floor, not even the grave. David’s Psalm 139 speaks comfortingly of God’s reach extending to his mother’s womb to find him and love him. The Apostle Paul also echoes this in Romans 8 where he says nothing can separate us from God’s love. But God’s ability to reach His creation wherever they are is not a comforting feeling when we have turned against Him.

God’s intent was to bless the entire human race. The vehicle of this blessing was to be the descendants of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob whom He would instruct and prepare as a model to all of mankind of what it means to be a human, created in His image. Here God lays out His plan of inclusion for everyone whom He qualifies to be part of a remnant.

There is so much misinformation in our world today about who we are and who God is. Yet, the prophets explained these things so many centuries ago. Our desire to follow our own laws have really led us off our journey back to Eden. We have wars about our beliefs and we kill in the name of Abraham’s God, yet we have not listened to what He has said. Does God only care more for the Jew, the Muslim, or the Christian? No, He cares deeply for His people.

Key Verse:
“Are not you Israelites the same to me as the Cushites?” declares the Lord. ~ Amos 9:7a

Questions to ponder:

  • Do you think that because you are a Jew or a Christian, or of any other religion or people group, you are more special to God or more favored by Him?
  • According to Romans 8:38-39, God has unlimited access to us not to punish us, but so that He can love us. How does that make you feel?
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