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Ecclesiastes: Chapter 11

The teacher has spent ten chapters telling us why life without direction from God has no meaning. Now he turns to giving advice as to how to spend this life. He gives four pieces of advice that we would do well to heed. The first is that we be adventurous (vs.1). Trust in God allows us to take the risks we need to take in life that allow us to follow his leading.

Secondly, the teacher urges us to be generous (vs. 2). Giving to those in need releases us from our treasure’s hold on us. Our giving needs to be joyful and not out of a sense of duty or obligation. Giving away what many of us hold so dear teaches us that building up an enormous mound of money is pointless.

The third point is to not wait around for some future event or achievement before getting on with what you feel led to do (vs. 3-6). As we have heard over and over again in Ecclesiastes, things are not under our control. So don’t wait for the perfect timing or the perfect opportunity – it may never come. Get started and then realize that your role in the outcome is limited. God is in control. He directs the wind. He decides if the crops are to grow. He decides if a tree will fall this way or that. So don’t get so worked up and consumed by your job, adventure, or activity that you forget to always check in for God’s further instructions.

Lastly, enjoy yourself (vs. 7-10). God created this world for our enjoyment. There will, of course, be dark days. But if we remember our place in this world – servants and worshipers of God and not gods ourselves– we will truly be able to “banish anxiety from your heart.”

Key Verse:
“Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.” ~ Ecclesiastes 11:4

Questions to ponder:

  • Is there something you feel led to do but decided the time is not right? What is holding you back?
  • How generous are you with your treasure? What does your level of giving say about your priorities?
  • Are you getting the joy out of your life that God intends? What can you do to insure this happens?
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