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Book of Galatians

Day 10

READ Galatians 2:6-10
As for those who were held in high esteem—whatever they were makes no difference to me; God does not show favoritism—they added nothing to my message. On the contrary, they recognized that I had been entrusted with the task of preaching the gospel to the uncircumcised, just as Peter had been to the circumcised. For God, who was at work in Peter as an apostle to the circumcised, was also at work in me as an apostle to the Gentiles. James, Cephas and John, those esteemed as pillars, gave me and Barnabas the right hand of fellowship when they recognized the grace given to me. They agreed that we should go to the Gentiles, and they to the circumcised. All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along.

In these verses, Paul highlights the recognition and affirmation he received from the other apostles in Jerusalem. Despite his independent ministry to the Gentiles, Paul’s message was affirmed by the leaders of the early church. This unity and agreement among the apostles underscore the consistency and validity of the gospel message.

Questions to ponder:

  • Consider the significance of receiving affirmation and recognition from fellow believers in your own faith journey. How does encouragement from others strengthen your faith?
  • Reflect on any areas of disagreement or division within the church. How can we work towards reconciliation and unity in Christ?
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