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I’m writing this as I sit outside of Fairfax Hospital overlooking the sprawl of buildings and a very empty parking lot.

Somewhere in the building, there is a family that is waiting for word on a loved one who is not well. It’s not COVID-related but a pretty serious illness to deal with at such a time as this.

But I’ve created a new norm for myself to be at the empty parking lot of hospitals since I can’t go in. Yes, I know that God hears my prayers if I’m home praying. I know that God doesn’t care where I talk with him as long as I do.

But sitting in my car, and making a sanctuary where I can be quiet and not distracted seems like the best place for me to lift up those I pray for who are struggling (Of course, I do add in all the concerns I personally have while we talk).

God has been faithful to indulge me in this practice and his presence has been warm and loving.

In these strange times, have you had to develop new sanctuaries to talk with God? Are you creating new habits to take with you when you head into the world soon?

Are there things you long to do differently but struggle to follow through on?

Let me know what you’ve done. I’d love to learn from you.
Let me know where you are struggling. I’d love to pray you through it.

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