We’re starting a new series this weekend entitled Messiah. It’s a study in the gospel of Mark. This is the perfect follow-up to our study of Isaiah. The prophet Isaiah keeps reminding the Israelites that God has not forgotten them. A Messiah is coming. Redemption is coming. Hope is coming. The gospel of Mark tells us the rest of that amazing story. In our current culture that is filled with “messiahs” who promise to bring healing to our broken world, Mark reminds us of the one Messiah who can actually deliver on that promise.

The Gospel of Mark is the shortest of the four Gospel accounts. Mark’s compact style highlights the urgent message of its author and thus leads to its power. It is the most action-packed and succinct of the four Gospel accounts. Its central and fast-paced themes punch us with clarity. It moves quickly to make its point that Jesus is the suffering servant king who came to establish his kingdom on earth.

Jesus is introduced by Mark as the Messiah foretold of old but with striking contrast to the cultural assumption. He does not come with exterior power and might, but rather as a humble servant. But the reader must not mistake humility and service with a lack of power and authority. For that is the great irony that Mark pronounces. The King of the universe holding ALL power and authority comes to reign through His teaching, His serving, and His suffering. Mark brings us to his conclusion succinctly through the often-used word “immediately”. He rushes us to the end for which Jesus came – to suffer and die upon a cross. In fact his model of suffering is the realm to which his followers are called. In a world of suffering and hardship we also look forward with the hope of receiving glory alongside Christ. What was achieved in those fateful days of His death and resurrection has made an eternal, spiritual, and physical difference.

Resource: Check out the overview and video on Mark at The Bible Project: