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I got my first bible in high school. It was given to me as a reward for doing a good deed. On occasion, I would take it off the bedroom shelf and try to read the book of Matthew because I thought that Jesus was a good person and if I read about him, I too, might become a good person.

But as you and I know, the bible isn’t to be used only as a rulebook to curtail our behavior or a place to get our questions answered or to find a nice quote of the day. It’s really an epic story of how in the beginning God partnered with humanity, how we ruined that partnership and how God is restoring us through Jesus.

I’d love you to join me on Sunday, Oct. 27th for Bible 101. Whether you are a new leader or a seasoned leader, it’s good to come together to remind ourselves what is in the bible and how it continues to point us to Jesus so we, in turn, can be better disciple-makers.

And speaking of discipleship, please encourage anyone in your group that hasn’t taken the step to be baptized to do so the weekend of October 19-20. What an encouragement it would be to have your whole group standing in the lobby cheering them on!

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