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Isaiah lived in Jerusalem during a time of cultural and national crisis. Israel was marked by idolatry, corruption and injustice. God raised up Isaiah to speak on God’s behalf to the leaders of Jerusalem. It was a message of judgement but also a message of hope. As a prophet and scribe, Isaiah believed that one day God would fulfill all of his covenant promises, raise up a new king from the line of David and there would be life beyond the ruins of the exile. Isaiah is considered the greatest Old Testament prophet and is quoted at least 50 times in the New Testament, God gave him powerful messages of judgment and hope. He was consistent in his message even though there was little positive response from his listeners although his ministry spanned the reigns of five kings.

Day 22

Read Isaiah 59-61

  • What does this narrative tell me about God?
  • What does this tell me about people and myself?
  • How does it clarify my view of God, Jesus and myself?
  • What needs to change in my life in order to live in obedience to this passage?
  • Given those who I am in a relationship with, who might be interested in knowing this too?


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