Life is better together.

We want to help you live a better story and that happens best in relationship with God and with others. That’s why everyone who calls Fairfax Community Church home has the opportunity to participate in a small group. In a small group, 8–12 people gather regularly – to have a meaningful conversation about what matters most in life. Small groups offer a safe place for you to connect with others and explore or deepen a relationship with Jesus.

So, if you want to grow in knowledge, want a place to belong or you want to better integrate your faith and work, we have a group for you.

Bring your questions, doubts and curiosity about God and the Bible.  When you join a study group you are participating in a conversation around a topic, theme or book of the Bible.  If you want to know more about God, a study group is for you.

Table groups meet weekly in homes to share a meal and answer the “how was your day” and “what is going on next week” questions.  In a table group there is no formal study – life is the curriculum of your time together.

Blue groups explore the unique challenges of following Christ and pursuing excellence in the workplace. Groups are primarily composed of people in the same industry, promoting understanding and support of one’s particular work environment.

Locate and join a group. FIND A GROUP

Have questions about groups? Check out our FAQ.

Where do groups meet? How often do they meet?

Most of our groups meet weekly in homes for about 90 minutes.

Who leads small groups?

All of our leaders are followers of Jesus who call home.  In study groups the leadership arises out of the group.  Blue groups and table groups are formed around leaders.

Do you have age or life stage specific small groups?

Our small groups reflect our church community.  They are composed of every age and life stage.

Do you have groups based on location?

Our study groups form at GroupLink where participants have a choice in the day, time and location.  Blue and table groups meet in a location that is chosen by the leader.

I’m new to the area, what is the best group for me?

We recommend attending GroupLink and joining a study group.  Study groups are a great introduction to the core values of our church and how we do small groups. They are also a great way to connect with people new to our church community.

How do groups handle childcare?

Each small group develops a plan to care for the children in the group.  We have some best practices around childcare that we offer to leaders.

Can I start a small group?

Yes.  If you are interested in starting a study, table or blue group please contact

Do you offer Bible Studies?

Study groups often choose to focus their learning and conversation around a specific book of the Bible.