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7-weeks,Tuesdays 7pm beginning May 2

Confronting Cancer with Faith

Join our cancer support group and find encouragement, comfort, and hope during your journey with cancer. This unique and award-winning study is designed for those who have been diagnosed, their loved ones, and survivors. Our program provides not only practical coping techniques and education, but also spiritual depth.

Our group sessions are filled with lessons that include biblical references, personal application, reflective questions, meditative thoughts, and dedications. You will be able to relate to the poignant anecdotes and repeated recognition of God’s hand in the writer’s life. Even if you’re a non-believer or seeker, you will still find comfort and empathy from the relatable stories that range from heartbreakingly moving to entertainingly humorous.

Don’t go through your cancer journey alone. Join our cancer support group and find the encouragement and hope you need to face this challenging time.

Please purchase your workbook prior to class, Confronting Cancer with Faith by Karen O. Allen.

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