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Ecclesiastes: Chapter 5

In today’s reading Solomon warns us not to use a barrage of words when we come to him in prayer. Let your words be few and stand in awe of God. So often I fill the time with requests and concerns instead of the silence that allows God to reach me.

The second half of the chapter points out the foolishness of working to gain wealth solely for the purpose of having more of it. There are lots of people who lose sleep because they truly are not sure how they are going to get their bills paid. In Matthew chapter 6 Jesus assures people in this type of distress that he is there with them and will see them through. But what about the folks who have plenty and yet find themselves tossing and turning at night wondering how to become even richer?

The love of money is a ruinous thing. Lovers of money never have enough because, as Solomon says, there is always more to spend it on. There is no point to this excessive gathering since as the old saying goes (Solomon circa 900 B.C.), “you can’t take it with you.” Now that is one old saying!

Key Verse:
“Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God.” ~ Ecclesiastes 5:2a

Questions to ponder:

  • Are you a babbler to God? How do you need to adjust your prayer time to hear from God more clearly?
  • Are you losing sleep to worries over your finances? What do you need to do to actively resolve the situation?
  • In what part of your life do you struggle with love of money issues?
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