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Day 1: Why is it important to pray?

“Look to the Lord and his strength and seek his face always.” 1 Chronicles 16:11

When we love someone, our love for them will lead us to make time for them. Prayer is a way to make time for God. It creates a relationship that’s unbreakable but it does take time to nurture this relationship with him. When we talk with God, he invites us into the most important relationship that we can have here on earth.

We see through scripture that God often tells his people their next steps through prayer to help them find purpose or even a way out of their struggles. He also uses prayer to help others understand his plans for the rest of humanity. Rather than being complicated, it is best if it is just a simple conversation between those who love each other.

During Jesus’ ministry on earth, he spent a lot of time praying, often going to a solitary place to be with God for hours at a time because he needed the encouragement and support of his own father to get through the future set before him. Likewise, we too need the care of someone who knows us and loves us unconditionally.

Some may ask, how does one exactly communicate with the God of the universe? Even if you’re open and find it easy to communicate with those around you, it’s understandable if talking to God is a more difficult experience.

Questions to ponder:

  • Have you been able to establish a relationship with God through prayer? If not, what is the hardest part about praying?
  • If you have a relationship with God through prayer, how do you see God working in your life because you are talking with him?

Talk to God plainly about your relationship with him as if you were talking to a good friend. Tell him your struggles and the ways in which you need him in your life. Listen as he speaks to you as well.

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