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The Book of Revelation

In the 66th book of the Bible, John records God’s vivid imagery revealing cosmic and spiritual realities from the past, present, and future. Behind all the imagery is this fundamental question, “Who is really in charge?”

Who’s in charge of history, in charge of the future, in charge of today, in charge of me, in charge of you? The book of Revelation doesn’t just state the answer; it declares, illustrates, broadcasts, highlights, repeats, and confirms that the Lord God Almighty is the sovereign ruler of the universe – the One who destroys evil, rescues believers, transforms creation, and lives among His people forever. Isn’t that news our world needs to hear and our hearts need to remember?

As we discuss these passages this spring, our job will be to allow the verses to point us to see Christ at work, to know Him better and to love Him more deeply. The study won’t provide us with a list of specific dates, times, and names leading up to His return, but it will give us a bigger, more beautiful picture of our Lord and an increased the confidence that whatever He has planned is something that we can anticipate with a sense of peace and not fear. Revelation reminds us that above all, our hope is found in the risen and returning Christ Jesus.

Join us in this study in the book of Revelation.

Our first class begins at 7:30pm on Thursday, January 19, 2023. This class is hybrid, which means that you may attend online or in-person at Fairfax Church.

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