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The Gospel of Mark

Matthew’s gospel has the privilege of being the first book in the New Testament; and John’s gospel has lots of memorable quotes; and then Luke, has all of the Christmas and Easter details. But what about Mark’s gospel?

Tucked in between Matthew and Luke, Mark often gets missed. However this gospel account has a lot to say about what Jesus did and how the people reacted to Him.

Imagine a friend who wants to tell you something really, really exciting and blurts it all out at once. That is a great description of Mark’s gospel. In Mark, you sense the urgency he’s feeling as he tries to remember and record everything He knows about Jesus.

In this class we’ll do a deep dive into Mark’s account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. We’ll explore questions like: How did Mark find out about Jesus? Why was he so excited? What is unique about Mark’s Gospel? And many other questions!

Join us on this 12-week study in the Gospel of Mark.

Meetings will begin Thursday, September 22, 7:30-9pm, and the class will be taught in a hybrid format. In-person folks will gather at Fairfax Church in the conference room, and our online friends will join us on Zoom.

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