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Where is God calling you to bring heaven to earth?

Are you trying to figure out how to connect your work with your faith? Are you searching for a way to make an impact in your channel of culture? Are you looking for other people with similar passions?

Fairfax Incubator is a 4-week intensive mentorship program designed to help you identify and clarify your ideas, get connected with passionate thought leaders and mentors, and help you take kingdom ideas and move them into kingdom realities!

Join us for Pitch Night!

Fairfax Incubator is for anyone who sees a problem and has ideas about how to address it. It could be starting a non-profit or business, leveraging your current position for greater kingdom impact, or finding practical ways to love your neighbor. Whatever your idea is, we want to help you advance God's kingdom right where you are.

Over the four weeks, you will get practical mentoring to learn how to take your idea or calling, refine it, and come up with a practical plan to actually bring that idea to life. You'll hear from the following speakers:

Tu Le

Founder, Owner, and President of MyStudio and InCourage Martial Arts

Linette Le

Founder, Owner, and COO of MyStudio and Owner of InCourage Martial Arts

Mark Rodgers

Founder of The Clapham Group, More Productions, Wedgwood Circle and Cave Pictures Publishing

David Mount

Realtor, COO, & Part Owner of The Redux Group of eXp Realty

Kirsten Mount

Founder of Cong Circle, Head of Growth at Gnowbe, Part Owner of More Productions


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