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Introduction to 2 Corinthians

After understanding the suffering and death of Christ by way of Jesus’ words in Luke, we will now move into a letter that the apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinth.

Paul too knew great suffering at the hands of people who didn’t understand his journey to faith. If you want to refresh yourself on how he fell in love with Jesus, read the book of Acts starting in chapter 8, written through the eyes of Luke. Here you will see that as the church scattered Paul became the chief prosecutor of the believers, only to become one himself.

Over the next four weeks as we explore this book from the weekend messages to our daily readings here, we will see that Paul carried on whole-heartedly what Jesus began. He knew that the only way to compel people to the gospel was to flip their entire worldview into a kingdom-view. Paul became the living example of all the things that God wanted to redeem in this world. He was the person who was beaten, broken, shipwrecked, rejected and suffered for the sake of the gospel. Yet, in those things he saw that in brokenness, there is reconciliation; in poverty, there is generosity; and in weakness there is strength.

It seems like this is a prescription for hope in this season of COVID-19. We hope you will take this journey with us.

Together we will be reading the entire 13 chapters of Corinthians, one chapter each day. A set of simple repetitive questions help us to see the character of God and to be encouraged to in these changing times.

One overriding question that we can carry throughout this season is this, “What does God want to do inside of me during this crisis?”

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