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Paul Devotional

Daily DevoPaul Devotional
May 24, 2024

Paul – Day Twenty-One

DAY 21: Embracing Unity in Christ In Galatians and Romans, the language of “righteousness by faith” yields to the language of being in Christ. Thus, Galatians 3:24–28: “Therefore the law was our disciplinarian until Christ came, so that we might…
Daily DevoPaul Devotional
May 23, 2024

Paul – Day Twenty

DAY 20: Embracing God's Inclusive Covenant In wrestling with the intricate tapestry of Jewish law and the expansive grace of Christ's teachings, Paul faced a challenging paradox. His deep-rooted convictions about the God of Israel clashed with the question of…
Daily DevoPaul Devotional
May 22, 2024

Paul – Day Nineteen

DAY 19: Freedom through Faith in Christ Paul's teachings emphasize the universal human condition of being enslaved by sin and the transformative power of faith in Christ for liberation and redemption. Paul contends that all humans are enslaved by sin,…
Daily DevoPaul Devotional
May 21, 2024

Paul – Day Eighteen

DAY 18: Redemptive Work of Jesus According to Paul Paul's theological reflections offer profound insights into the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, illuminating the transformative power of his death and resurrection for believers and the entire cosmos. Paul emphasizes Jesus'…
Daily DevoPaul Devotional
May 19, 2024

Paul – Day Sixteen

DAY16: Understanding Paul's Monotheism and Christology Paul's understanding of monotheism and Christology reveals profound insights into the nature of God and the significance of Jesus Christ. As we explore these theological concepts, we gain a deeper appreciation for the core…
Daily DevoPaul Devotional
May 18, 2024

Paul – Day Fifteen

DAY 15: Embracing Celibacy and Submission to Authority Paul's teachings on celibacy and obedience to secular rulers have profoundly influenced Christian morality throughout history. While these teachings may present challenges and raise questions for contemporary believers, they offer valuable insights…
Daily DevoPaul Devotional
May 16, 2024

Paul – Day Thirteen

DAY 13: Pursuing Perfection in Christ Paul's teachings on moral perfection reflect his fervent desire for believers to lead lives blameless and pleasing to God. He held himself and his converts to high moral standards, striving for purity and righteousness…
Daily DevoPaul Devotional
May 15, 2024

Paul – Day Twelve

DAY 12: Finding Joy in Spiritual Transformation Paul's message to early Christian communities addressed their deep need for spiritual fulfillment amidst societal challenges and persecution. Despite facing hardships and social isolation, believers found solace and joy in the transformative power…
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