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Capstone Ministries was founded in 2005 with a vision to restore street children and their families in Kisumu, Kenya. More than 1000 children, mostly boys, live full‐time on the streets, begging and stealing to survive. They sleep in open parks, on the sidewalks in front of shops and even in the sewers. Dan and Patty Schmelzer have worked with street children in Kisumu since 2002. They are the founders and directors of the ministry with 12 indigenous staff. Capstone has to date reconciled more than 400 boys from the street since 2005.

Capstone Camp is an opportunity for former street kids who have been reintegrated with their families to come together for a week of spiritual enrichment, scouting activities, crafts and games. The intention of the Camp is to build up the children in Christ and help them to become better children at home and school. FCC has been the primary sponsor for this Camp for the last several years and it has been a privilege to see how God is bringing hope, healing and restoration to the lives of these street children and their families living in Kenya.

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