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Out on the beautiful African bush in the Chibomba District, 50 kilomoters north of Lusaka, lies a beacon of light – Village of Hope. VOH is a community raising Zambian orphans and vulnerable children to become successful young adults, leaders, and followers of Christ.  There are 1.6 million orphans living in Zambia. In 2006, 230 acres were purchased there to start Village of Hope. Since then, the village has taken in at-risk children who have no one else to care for them, started several medium-sized businesses to financially support the village, and founded the School of Hope. Village of Hope has created an holistic model where children live in loving homes led by house parents and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed as adults and to create an economically sustainable community through hands-on job experience.  It is a beautiful place of rescue, care, hope and restoration.

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