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I’ve been revisiting a favorite book, “In the Name of Jesus.” The author, Henri Nouwen is a favorite of mine. He writes small books that pack a punch. I think they are small in number of pages because his writing is so powerful that as a reader, one would not likely be able to hold the tension of his words. They confront, challenge, and shake one to the core. Just a few pages are enough to keep me on my toes for the day.

Some of the questions he asks the reader are complex and chewing on them is work.

But some are so simple, yet so profound that when asked again, I weep.

“Do you love Jesus?”

That’s a question when confronted in a fresh way this morning, sitting at my desk will not do. It is a question in which one needs to pace in creation or hole up in a comfy chair to get perspective…or fall to one’s knees.

Before Jesus commissioned Peter to oversee what he was leaving behind, he asked, “Do you love me?” In fact, he asked three times. (John 21:15-17)

I’m only going to ask once…

Do you love Jesus?

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