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November 21, 2020

Passing the Baton

I am in the process of transitioning out of my role in group life and passing the baton to Josh Falke. To pass the baton is to symbolically bestow a responsibility to someone else and I can’t think of someone who is…
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November 14, 2020

Do you love me?

I’ve been revisiting a favorite book, “In the Name of Jesus.” The author, Henri Nouwen is a favorite of mine. He writes small books that pack a punch. I think they are small in number of pages because his writing…
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October 31, 2020

The Gentle Power of Jesus

When comedian Pete Davidson mocked Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw because of his eye patch, the mockery wasn’t about his recent disability but more about how Crenshaw’s politics didn’t match Davidson’s (Crenshaw had lost his eye as a Navy SEAL in Iraq).…
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October 24, 2020

Eye to Eye

Imagine loving others like Jesus loves us… It’s not always easy to love our own family and friends, let alone people with whom we don’t see eye to eye. During this season, we may see people default to emotions that…
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October 17, 2020

The Basics

My favorite season is here! Fall brings on the cold, sinus infections, and the grappling of winter coats, which I’m not fond of. But I’m able to set aside those things for what I love. Watching the crowning glory of…
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October 10, 2020


I visited a gallery where an artist and friend was showing her paintings. One of her pieces was entitled, Heaven. I was enthralled with the painting as its depiction seemed to be a beautiful portrait of what I thought to be heaven in my…
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October 3, 2020


Hey group members! (This is for you! Shhh! Just don’t tell your leader, okay?) Today the leader of your group spent the morning attending our online training event. It wasn’t our annual in-person gathering complete with breakfast burritos and good coffee…
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September 12, 2020

Always open!

My favorite restaurant has been open for business during the pandemic but things look a bit different right now. The doors of Lebanese Kitchen have been open for great pizza and of course, everything Mediterranean. I especially love their chicken…
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