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I am in the process of transitioning out of my role in group life and passing the baton to Josh Falke. To pass the baton is to symbolically bestow a responsibility to someone else and I can’t think of someone who is better equipped to meet the challenges of our growing congregation. I have been blessed to be in this role for 18 years and have seen many groups form and adjourn as is typical in a place like the DC area where we tend to adapt to change more than most.

But as our church body continues to grow even in a pandemic and the care needs grow as well, I will expand my other role to be exclusively in caring for our ever-growing community inside and outside the walls of the church. I will continue to work closely with Josh as we seek to better the fellowship and care at Fairfax Church.

Josh grew up at Fairfax and has been on staff in many roles over the years. First, with facilities and as a barista in the coffee shop and then moved into full-time ministry with students. He currently leads our young adult ministry with great clarity. His heart for discipleship through strong relationships with his leaders is his focus. Lynette Stewart will continue in her role as the director of neighborhood groups, as they look forward to bringing new vision to group life at Fairfax.

This will be the last weekend email and study guide from me as we conclude the study in Mark. Your leader will receive an Advent guide to look at the birth of Jesus as we prepare for the coming of the Christmas season. When groups resume in January, your leader will be equipped with materials for the next season.

I will think of you this Thanksgiving with an ever grateful heart!

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