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It’s hard to quantify the hours right now. I’ve talked with so many of you who have shared how your days and nights have been upended in so many ways.

Mine have as well. The daylight hours are packed and five o’clock comes in the blink of an eye. Although I have showered and dressed, I have often forgotten to even grab a cup of tea. After 5, I navigate the things of the home and family, then off to bed. Sleep comes quickly and then I am awakened in the wee hours to be alone with Him in the stillness of the night. With the chimes gently blowing on the porch, I sit at the kitchen table with only His words in my hands.

God has been teaching me much in these two weeks of being isolated from the normal rhythms of my life.

The lessons have been about waiting.

About hope.

And about His love for me.

Author Heath Anderson says, ”There are no limits to how much we can know the unknowable love of God. Our discoveries about Him never have to end. Yet we are solely responsible for cultivating the spiritual environment we find ourselves in.”

In this time of waiting, I pray you are able to cultivate long pauses in the midst of a very different season to meet the challenges ahead.

I pray you hear from Him the words He wants to speak over you about waiting, and hope and His unfailing love for you.

For the best thing we can do for ourselves and those around us right now is to be present with God.

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