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I visited a gallery where an artist and friend was showing her paintings. One of her pieces was entitled, Heaven. I was enthralled with the painting as its depiction seemed to be a beautiful portrait of what I thought to be heaven in my youth.

I  was still very much a new believer when I purchased that painting in 1997. The swirling puffs of whites and blues opening into a land of brilliant perfection stirred my heart to think that someday, I would be there in my new home.

As it still hangs in my house, I marvel at how God has opened the way in which I understand heaven in more recent years. I have learned that one thing is certain. We are capable of living a life SO full of meaning and SO full of hope. But we need to CHOOSE it.

Please do yourself a favor this week. Ponder what it looks like for you to bring a little heaven to earth in this messy, heavy, hard, confusing, uncertain season.

Ask God to show you the way.

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