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Friday night dinners at General Eisenhower’s House, Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

The home was built in 1909 and the General moved in 1941 with his wife, Mamie and their four young children.

We moved into that same house in 1989 with our four young children. The home was filled with historical awe and we had an eventful two years living within its walls. When I think about that house, the most vivid and warmest memories I have was our Friday night dinners.

Our neighborhood group met every week over dinner. There were at least 20 adults and 20 kids to match. It was a potluck of sorts. I’d always make some kind of main dish that could stretch and everyone else provided a vast array of sides and goodies. There was no planning but it was always enough. We sang and prayed with the kids who scooted off to play. That left the adults to discuss the things Jesus talked about and figure out how to actually work that into our lives.

Those two years were huge growth years for me spiritually.

I look at those who come faithfully every Thursday evening to our current group and wonder, “Am I doing all I can to journey with them while we are together?”

It feels the world has drastically changed since those Friday nights in Texas and my priorities have shifted in a world that seems to move at a record pace. I sometimes wonder if it is okay that meals around the table only happen every other month? Is it okay that we crowd into the living room hoping for fresh insight into how Jesus can be our everything and then scatter until the next week? Is there fruit being born out of our conversations? Do we leave feeling in love with Jesus and each other?

That might seem like a tall order each week. If a disciple is someone who is intentional with Jesus, to learn from Jesus, how to be like Jesus in every aspect of life, then I am hopeful that as we gather, the Holy Spirit is working in the mix despite my meager efforts.

Thanks for providing the environment for this growth to happen. It is an incredible privilege and awesome responsibility!

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