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I am always blown away by the conversations we have in our neighborhood group created by the sermon series. Sometimes the conversation drifts more toward the nuance of the scripture passage but more often is a deeper sense of “Oh my! What does this mean for me, right here and right now?”

Last night was one of those nights, where someone shared very deeply about their difficulties with scarcity vs abundance. And the room fell into a sacred moment. There were many saying “Me too!” and we reached a new level of koinonia – the type of community experienced by the early church and hopefully what we are praying for in our groups today!

WOW! We left the group differently last night than when we arrived.

Why did that happen? I don’t know for sure but I can name some possibilities:

The sermon was powerful.
The prayer prayed for the group during the week.
The trust and unconditional love that was in the room.
The timing was right.
The Holy Spirit made a powerful move.

You have been made witness to those things as well in your group … or you will be witness to them when the timing is right.

Thanks for being a safe haven for the folks entrusted to you.
Thanks for reaching out to them even when they don’t reach back.
Thanks for the overwhelming kindnesses to them because we don’t know all the things that are going on in their lives.
Thanks for stepping up and leading when it’s hard, time-consuming and sometimes feels thankless.
Thanks for being the image-bearer in their lives and leading them in a better way of living in and through Jesus.

I am pumped for the week ahead!

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