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Hey group members!

(This is for you! Shhh! Just don’t tell your leader, okay?)

Today the leader of your group spent the morning attending our online training event. It wasn’t our annual in-person gathering complete with breakfast burritos and good coffee but rather online. But your leader was probably present with coffee in hand sans the burrito.

They showed up today because they love you and want to guide you in your faith journey as you allow them. If there is one thing that we have certainly learned afresh during COVID is that the church isn’t the building. It’s the people gathering in small groups urging one another to follow Jesus more deeply.

So here is the Shhh! part – would you reach out this week in some way to THANK your leader?
– For showing up every time not just to the meeting but in your life.
– For praying when you text at 10p with an urgent request.
– For being vulnerable about their own life even if you struggle with sharing about yours.
– For hanging in there all these COVID months even though they are as tired as you.

I don’t know what THANK YOU might look like to you or your group. Maybe a handwritten note or email. Maybe something delicious at their door.
Maybe a text asking how you can pray for them this week. Maybe it’s rallying the rest of the group to plan something together.
Or maybe it’s as simple as keep showing up each week to be an encouragement to one another.

Our Neighborhood Group Leaders are awesome!
We can’t do church without your leader.

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