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“Don’t believe things can change? 
Just look at Palm Sunday to Good Friday to Resurrection Sunday.
Always believe.
Always keep hoping.
Things can change.”

-Ann Voskamp

It’s been a rough week, friends. There have been moments this week that have been downright impossible.

Remember back to our Ash Wednesday service when the question asked was, “Who do you want to be on Resurrection Sunday?”

Little did we know how we would be stretched through the next 40 days.

I prayed toward being a person that was more joy-filled. Yet God had a different plan for this season. He saw my need to grow in the area of hopefulness.

So I’m hanging on to the premise I know to be true. Jesus changed everything by his death and his resurrection to bring hope to a world infected with hopelessness.

Grateful to be on the same team with people who spread hope every day with their prayer-filled lives and “love your neighbor” hearts.

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