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She’s been in jail for 18 months.

She got caught up in an ugly scheme that was admitted to quickly and she took the sentence given.

In our most recent correspondence, I asked her how she was managing with COVID in confinement. She said that although lockdowns had become more the norm, it was done to manage the virus’ spread. She said there had been so many things she took for granted before the lockdowns like eating with others, attending worship on Friday nights, watching a pre-determined TV show, or even chatting with someone while brushing her teeth. She missed the connections with others.

When asked what are the things that she is doing to cope in this new reality, she said that after coming to terms with the COVID lockdown, she made a long list of the things she could do rather than what she couldn’t. She’s had to be creative in working through her list since her resources are limited and her prized possession is the bible with no cover she received from another confined woman. Her time is being spent on repairing relationships, rebuilding trust, and working on the addiction that landed her in jail.

She’s done it all by fixing her eyes on Jesus because how else does one do it in the midst of difficult circumstances?

She said, “I’m tired of doing things my way. That’s what brought me my trouble.”

Although there is no comparison between confinement in jail and a pared-down life due to COVID, these days are precious moments wherever we find ourselves.

Praying for your gaze to be fixed on the one who knows you best.

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