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“God, You are good.
You are kind and merciful and faithful and just.
You love me with an unconditional love I can get from no one else.
Come quiet my heart from the distractions around me and draw me near to you.
I am Yours.
I yield my will to your will in all things.

I ask for strength where I am weak.
Courage where I am afraid.
Healing where I am broken.
Forgiveness where I have failed.
Remind me that my worthiness is found in Christ and not in my performance.

Empower me today to keep my eyes on you to live generously, to welcome the stranger, to invest in others and to serve you. Amen.”

Rod presented this prayer to the congregation as 2019 began and asked the church to pray the prayer daily for 30 days.

Today, I pray this prayer for and over you…

… that you will see how he loves you with an unconditional love that you can get from no one else… that your heart would be quieted from distraction and you would ask for what was needed from him… that you would feel totally empowered to live the way you have been called…

Faithful to pray.

Generous to give.

Open to invite.

Free to mentor and serve.

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