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I was in my early 30’s when I came to a place of saying YES to Jesus.

If you have followed previous stories about my journey, you know that I was VERY interested in learning more about Jesus and gravitated toward all things God as a young girl. I could check the boxes for being a regular attender and even serving.  And yet, no matter the questions I asked, no one seemed to have the answer I sought. Despite how much I hung out at church as a teen or young adult, I continued to look for anyone that was able to have a serious conversation about faith.

Fast forward a few years and into my life walked a neighbor, a fellow mom, and an Anglican priest, not to mention a God who cared very much about the answers to my questions.

Kelly, Becky, and Wally were three of the people I meet at the same time who gently walked me toward their Jesus until he became my Jesus.

There are people in our workplaces…
People in our families…
People in our neighborhoods who need Jesus as much as you do. They may even know in their gut that they do but need a safe place to explore it.

But how do we have conversations about faith with someone who may see things very differently than we do and as a result makes the conversation hard? It can be difficult to do it all on our own.

So what if we helped you have those conversations?

That’s what Alpha is all about.

Alpha is a space to have honest talks about faith, life, and meaning. And all you have to do is invite your friend and show up with them.

We’ll have dinner, a short film, and time to get together in small groups to ask questions and share stories.

Alpha starts January 30th and runs for 8 weeks.

Do you know someone in your workplace, family or neighborhood that needs the space to have that conversation?

Be praying about it. And check out or watch for sign-ups after Christmas.

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