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Becky and I met in the early ’80s. Both of our husbands had graduated medical school and were starting as first-year residents at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.  We both had toddlers and were far from home. On occasion, our paths would cross at the pediatrician’s office or the grocery store.

While I was trying to drum up friendships at McDonald’s playgrounds, she headed straight to the local church. I was pretty jealous of how quickly she got connected and how involved she was with a mom’s group that met at her home.

Soon she offered me an invitation to come. I justified that it would be good for my son to be around other little ones so, for his sake, I went. Upon arrival, I found that the mom’s group was really a bible study, something I was totally unfamiliar with but still intrigued. It ended up being a good season of growth for me and many seeds were planted by Becky and the women there.

So what was it that made me feel good about driving to Becky’s house and knocking on the door in the first place?

Meeting Becky.

Before I even walked in the door of her home, we had had two or three face-to-face encounters with each other. Although I didn’t know who else might be attending, I at least knew that she was a warm and caring person who had good intentions when she offered me a place in her group.

We are opening up our Neighborhood Groups and inviting others to come and see what we are about. If you are hoping to add folks to your group, we ask that you join us THIS WEEKEND AND NEXT (or send someone from your group) to have a face-to-face encounter with someone who’s looking for a place to belong. No need to RSVP, just come after whatever service you have attended but please exit the service a few minutes early so we can give you instructions on how to help people sign up.

Be praying that the prompting God gives for those to sign up for a group will result in many knocks on doors in the coming weeks.

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