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She had a weathered a few years of hardship. Her marriage was over and she lost her child in a bitter custody battle. Finances were in ruins and her job was not where she wanted it to be.
Every week she walked through the door on Sunday morning, hoping someone would really see her.
He walked in the door seeking to belong. He didn’t necessarily believe yet; he just needed to belong somewhere.
Alone and lonely, he thought to go to church was a long shot, but he didn’t see any other options.
Married, they moved to the DC area for work and it wasn’t what they hoped for. They left a small town with a community that knew them.
Entering into the DC chaos didn’t help their marriage, it complicated it. They felt at odds with each other, with life, even with God.

You never know what someone may bring to your group but often aloneness may be part of it. Even if we are surrounded by people all day long, whether it is co-workers or our own toddlers, we may still feel ALONE.

People join our Neighborhood Groups for many reasons. One of the reasons someone joins a group is because they are so tired of feeling alone.

The way in which they are welcomed into your group may be the deciding factor on whether they return the next week. And that welcome begins with the very first email or phone call or text you send to introduce yourself to them.

Please listen to this week’s podcast on welcoming new people to your group. Alex talks with Carole Rogers on how to “welcome the stranger” into your group, for we all once were strangers.

Thank you for pouring out yourself to those in your group. YOU are making kingdom impact every time you meet.

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